Initiative 1/5 – Students advocating for and promoting psychological well-being and mental health lsur la santé mentale à l'Université d'Ottawa et dans la communauté. 


We are a student-run initiative and an SFUO club that is aimed at promoting mental health literacy on campus and in the community. We work with mental health professionals to ensure that reliable and useful information is freely available to everyone!

We offer workshops on campus and in the community (How To Make the Best of Stress and Mental Health 101), and have developed the BOOST mental health toolkits.

If you would like to get involved, or are interested in receiving BOOST kits or workshops, please get in touch: 1in5initiative@gmail.com. The kits and workshops are available in both French and English.

Check out the events on our website and follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on our activities and workshops.


We hope that the information provided on this website will help you know how and when to seek help, whether it be for yourself or someone else. Please note that all information is to be used at your discretion and are for information purposes only. Please contact your doctor or a mental health professional for personalized support, as needed. If you are in urgent need of help and at risk of harm to yourself or someone else, please contact a crisis line, 911 or go to the Emergency Room.

Besoin d'aide?

Vous n’êtes pas tout seul. Il y a plusieurs endroits où vous pourrez chercher de l’aide.

Si vous risquez de vous faire du mal ou de faire du mal aux autres : Appelez le 911 ou rendez-vous aux urgences de l'hôpital le plus près.